Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Blogging Goals

I must admit I've been caught up with "blog fever" since I started 3 1/2 months ago. My number of followers, my subscriptions, my statistics and top referral sites, features, link parties, daily posting, weekly projects and recipes OH MY.

When I first started I found myself censoring my posts because of what I thought my family would think (there she goes, dithering about colors again; off on a lamp goose chase - why does she need new lamps?; why does she think she knows anything and can tell other people about it (OK, that last one might be mine)). I'm pretty much over that now, kinda sorta.

But lately I've found myself censoring and changing my posts because of what you might think.  Organizing posts don't receive comments so you must not like them and I shouldn't write them (although I adore organizing things). Burlap, twine, ruffles and shirts with flowers are really big right now in blogland. I should think of  posts and projects with these items to increase traffic to my site. Really, crazy thoughts because my site is for fun not profit. Increase traffic. I just am happy some people seem to like what I have to say.

Prior to this I found myself writing around the difficult bits of my life, showing only the good "perfect" stuff. I'm tired of writing around the messy bits. From now on you get to read uncensored Kathleen (yep, Kat is just a nickname - shocker).

My goals in blogging are: to have fun! pressure to produce projects or certain blog posts is now gone (yeah right - I'm a perfectionist. I'll work on it); give me some structure to my day; give me a creative outlet that is immediate; practice expressing and sharing what I'm thinking and feeling (I tend to bottle things up in an unhealthy way. Did you read my Passion post? I really shared there and was scared to do so. Ah - sharing again). And show what I'm working on and maybe get a kick in the pants to finish things. All with like minded people (that would be you)

So be prepared for the new, uncensored Kathleen. Raw, edgy with the messy bits exposed while still focusing on Decorating, Organizing and Creating for Less - I'm not changing the focus of the blog. Only that you'll "see" more of the real me (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...). And I will write about what I want to and not be a lemming (she said as the cliff loomed near).

I hope you enjoy the subtle change.


  1. Good for you Kathleen. Have fun with it! I'm new to blogging too and still getting my footing with it all. Your link party page has been very helpful for me! Thanks!!


  2. Love the image on this post. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare!