Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodwill Scores!

I spent a few days in my old hometown of Indianapolis visiting friends some time ago. Part of our ritual activities is thrift shopping at Goodwill. They have much better thrift stores there then I've been able to find in Evanston. Here are some of the great things I purchased! Most of them I was looking for the specific item, so it was definitely a score to find it.

Glass cake plates. One smaller one ($1.99) with a swirl design and one large more modern, minimal looking one ($2.99). I've been wanting a cake plate and am happy to have found 2. Actually I found 3 and my friend Alison purchased the 3rd one.

The coolest, modern orange candle holders. Orange is my accent color in my home. They take both a pillar and a taper. They are Mikasa Karim Rashid Design and retail for $30. I scored them for $4.99.

A Brita water pitcher for $1.99. My son is going to college in the fall and this is a necessity because we only drink water and tons of it a day. And he can't take mine. Retail $30.

I found a wooden caddy for $1.99. I've been wanting something handy to keep pens, paper, coasters and other misc. stuff next to "my" seat in the living room. It's ugly now but I envision it painted and possibly Mod Podged with pretty scrapbook papers. The problem is that it is a little bigger now that it's sitting on my end table than I thought it would be. This might be a do-over project.

Some great clothes: a pink t-shirt for my tote project, a pretty brown/mink colored t-shirt, a sleeveless green floaty blouse, a striking black cotton with small white flower/starburst designs jacket with 3/4 length sleeves, a turquoise linen tunic with stunning silver thread embroidery and a beautiful green wool short blazer with big black buttons.

Things I passed up that I now wish I had purchased: an old technical drawing of a sail boat about 18"x24" in a nice wooden frame for $5.99. My son sails and this would have looked good in his bedroom. A pair of brown jeans. I currently have a pair but these fit much nicer. A pair of maroon/purple jeans. I thought what would I wear with them? Now after looking in my closet I would have been able to build several outfits around them. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct and forget about those pesky questions. Darn it.

What are your latest scores?


  1. Sounds like a VERY productive day!!
    Quite coincidentally I saw a Brita water pitcher at my GW a couple weeks ago, I even commented on it. I wonder if you were in my neck of the woods...
    good luck to your son in the fall - what an exciting new adventure!

  2. Sounds like some great find! Actually, having been to the thrift stores in Evanston, Indianapolis and other northern burbs, I tend to like the burb ones best. There's two that I try to visit almost every week and I think they know me by now!