Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Decorating - Yes Please!

A week or so ago I wrote that I just don't get into seasonal / fall / Halloween decorating. I also don't decorate for Valentine's day, St. Patrick's day or the 4th of July. Purchasing a new scented candle is my only nod to seasonal changes. I do decorate for Christmas / Winter and enjoy that. Anyway. If I was the type to decorate for fall this is how I would do it.

Nice and modern. From Happy Mundane via ReadyMade.com.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

73 Days to Christmas

I was out shopping today and saw my first display of Christmas items. It was full on Christmas - decorated trees, ornaments, stockings, wrapping paper. All the trimmings. Today is October 12th! It's crazy. Oh and the Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving decor items -- 75% off. Totally crazy.

How can anyone be thinking winter when it is one of the most beautiful fall days: 70's, sunny, blue sky with no clouds, beautiful colored leaves and that "fall" feeling in the air.  Fall is my favorite season and I savor each day. There is plenty of time in the days ahead to think/decorate/blog about winter and Christmas. Just not yet, please.

Happy Birthday Forrest!

It's my wonderful son's 19th birthday today and the first birthday we've ever spent apart (he's away at college in Georgia and I'm in the Chicago area). I sent him a box with a couple presents and a "birthday party in a box" - chocolate cupcakes, a tub of chocolate icing, a can of blue cupcake icing, and a mixed assortments of sprinkles, colored sugar, stars and chocolate and rainbow jimmies. Oh and candles and a bag of balloons. That way he can celebrate with his new friends, have a party and hopefully feel the love from home.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Decorating - Not

Am I the only person in blogland who doesn't decorate for Halloween or fall? Come on - I can't be.

But it sure seems like it when I read my favorite blogs. They are full of Halloween decorations, desserts and tablescapes, not to mention the fall mantels, candle arrangements and door wreaths. I have nothing against all the decorations and find alot of them beautiful. And when my son was little I did do a little decorating for Halloween. I had pillows for fall, would change out my candles and put little touches here and there around the house. I loved the change in seasons, the crispness in the air and all the beautiful colors and enjoyed celebrating it in my home. It felt warm and cozy.

Since I've downsized and embraced a minimal modern decorating style, decorating for Halloween and fall just doesn't fit with my lifestyle anymore. I still adore the season, I just enjoy it outside not inside. I have a quilted fall door hanging in my pile of projects to finish. And I have some pretty glass acorns mixed in with my Christmas decorations that I always forget to get out. I'll put out a scented fall-ish candle and call it done. I will cook some fall favorites and take advantage of the fruits and vegetables in season - but I do that with every season so its nothing special.

Do any of you not decorate for Halloween or fall or decorate in a minimal way? How do you decorate? (or not)