Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still Sick

I’ve had a stomach bug for the last few days. I didn’t go work at my job helping a nice elderly lady, Delores, out around her house two days a week.  I will definitely miss the money, but I didn’t want to chance getting her sick (and I really wasn’t feeling up to working yet). I spent the morning watching 3 episodes of Hoarders online followed by some general blog reading / goofing off. I did manage to do a crap load of dishes. I have no dishwasher and absolutely hate washing dishes (probably because I let them go until everything is dirty and piled to the ceiling), although I love when the kitchen is neat and tidy. As a reward for my dish washing perseverance, I got a treat in the mail. Both a Crate and Barrel and Ikea 2012 catalog.

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