Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy Craigs List

I just love window shopping on Craigs List. Most of my condo has been furnished in mid-century modern furniture from there. Of course I haven't paid "mid-century modern" prices. Oh no. I search for things like "old" or "walnut" and have found great deals. And even though I don't need any pieces I continue to actively shop for bargains I can flip for cash. Besides Craigs List cracks me up. People are crazy and don't know what to call things or how to spell or are delusional about what they have. Case in point: $1195 for a dresser, mirror and two night stands. Yes, they are solid wood. But it's pine! And you can buy new for much less. Maybe if it were Baker or vintage or on trend. But this stuff?! for $1195 -- Good Luck.

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