Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Painting the beam

So today I took care of a little painting chore that's been nagging at me since December. Yes 8 months. I painted over an accent wall in the living room in December, returning it to the same color as the other 3 walls. I guess I'm not an accent wall kind of girl. Painting the wall also entailed painting the bottom of a beam separating my living room and dining room to the wall color. I could have painted it the white ceiling color but didn't want to mess with getting more paint out. What I didn't realize at the time is that the beam continues into the hallway and also needed the bottom painted the wall color. In the hallway the bottom is white.

Now I must explain that the distance from the beam in the living room to the beam in the hallway is about 2-3 feet, so its pretty noticeable that it's different. Today I painted the bottom of the beam in the hallway. It was about 2 feet long by about a foot wide. And I managed to drip turquoise paint (2 drops!) onto my beige carpeting even though I put down a drop cloth. I'm talented that way. Oh and by the way, if you drip paint on the carpet, blot don't rub. Ask me how I know. So now I have a turquoise smear on my carpeting instead of a drop. I'm currently waiting for the paint to dry to see if it requires a second coat.

Pictures? You want pictures? It's really boring and dark in the hallway. And really it's just the bottom of the beam. And I'm being lazy. And my camera is somehow broken and eats batteries in about 15 minutes. So no pictures for you. The other annoying part of this project or rather the 8 months that this project wasn't done is that my tub full of painting supplies and the gallon of turquoise paint sat out all this time. I didn't want to take it down the 3.5 flights of stairs into the basement when I knew I was going to use it again. For awhile it was in the corner of my dining room. Then I got tired of looking at it all the time. So I moved it into my son's room while he was away at college. Then he came home in June and it got moved into my bedroom. Really, it would have been easier to take the 15 minutes and get the job done. But no. 

So what prompted this little chore getting done? I'm moving up some chest of drawers that I purchased in December that I had stored in the basement into my bedroom (that I'm currently, slowly redoing). The tub of painting supplies was in the way. As you can probably tell things happen slowly around my house. I'm a bit of a procrastinator.

But, the beam is painted! My black dressers are finally moving into my bedroom! I'm on a roll. (I even scrubbed the stove and the microwave this morning). Maybe I'm sick.

Before pictures of my bedroom and of the new (actually vintage but new to me) black chests in their place coming soon.

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