Friday, November 2, 2012

Updates to the Bathroom

Other than painting the biggest update you can make to your bathroom is a new shower curtain. I had a plain white waffle weave curtain. It was really nice and gave the room a clean, airy feeling. I was going for a spa feel. But as I've discussed before I'm in the mood for a lot of color and contrast so I purchased a new shower curtain.

Isn't it fun? I really love the colors and it picks up on the aqua blue of the walls, the royal blue that in the living room curtains and has my favorite fuchsia/purples.

I added some hand towels that are a perfect fuchsia match. These are actually kitchen towels from Target but they work perfect in here. I even found some hand soap in the right color.

 I added some fun black and white chevron baskets to the top of my cabinet to hold head bands and rollers. With my hair longer now I find I "need" a ton of hair accessories. The baskets are a good way to corral them. They look like they are falling off the cabinet for some reason in the picture but they aren't.

I added a piece of artwork on the open wall opposite the sink and toilet. Black and white again. It's kind of trendy but I like it. I wish it were a bit bigger.


I love the floor. The bathroom has the original 1950's black and white tile and tub. The floor also has gray tiles so it looks like plaid. About a year ago I had the tile blacksplash added to the sink area. It was constantly being splashed with water and always looked messy. I couldn't find smaller white tile that didn't cost a fortune so I used a white glass tile and the black boarder found in the rest of the room. I also updated the faucet at the same time.

I read a post on Making It Lovely about black and white bathroom inspirations. In it Nicole talked about adding a black toilet seat to a white bathroom for some more color. I love the idea. I never would have thought about it. In my life white toilets have always had white seats. My seat had a chip in the screw cover and is missing a bit of white porcelain. I checked out Home Depot and they don't carry black toilet seats in their stores. The couple they had on their web site all had bad reviews. Really how bad can a toilet seat be? Well these were thin plastic and flimsey for $50+ dollars. I want a heavy one or wood so it doesn't feel cheap. The search continues.

I still have the project to hang a towel rod and a robe hook on the back of the door. I also want to fix some damage to the door front from the previous owner and paint the door black.

I only have one bathroom in the condo and you can see it's pretty small. But it packs a colorful punch and makes me smile.

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