Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Easiest DIY - Faceted Lantern

I'm in love with all the faceted / geometric terrariums and light fixtures which are so popular. I'm a little late to the bandwagon.  I've been wanting a gold candle lantern for my coffee table. It has to be brass and big and faceted and inexpensive. These from Restoration Hardware are beautiful. But at $179 for the medium size way out of my budget. I'm also pretty sure I can't use a candle in them with the top closed. Time to get my diy on!

I found this light fixture on eBay for $30 with shipping. I see them for sale all the time on Craigs List, except of course when I want one. I didn't want to drive too far and nothing was coming up locally so I went with eBay. It would probably be cheaper on Craigs List or at a thrift store if you are willing to wait a little while to find it.

I snipped the wires, unscrewed the light fixture part from the top canopy, flipped it upside down, plunked in a $3.99 candle and voila! I have a 17" tall, brass, faceted, candle lantern for $30. I'm pretty pleased with myself. It really makes an impact.

I'm one step closer to having enough do-dads to style up my square coffee table. As you know I'm kinda a minimalist so I don't really have any extra accessories around (except for several vintage items no longer my style that I think I'll sell on Etsy/eBay "some day"). I've got a round planter and a round-ish lantern and I think I need one other item to fill out the display. Styling accessories is not my forte so I'm kind of winging it. The last item will consist of some magazines or books or a tray with something decorative on it. I'm not sure what. I was thinking of a foo dog or a pair of foo dogs. But I have the elephant stool and a new, large zebra (I'm so excited. It was delivered Saturday so pictures soon!) in the room, plus all the bird prints on the wall. Maybe its enough wild life without the foo dogs? This is were I'm at now. It's pretty basic. My laptop lives on the coffee table when it's not on my lap. I couldn't get a picture where my dog Sebastian wasn't photo bombing. Smile!

What's your favorite coffee table styling tip? I could use all the help I can get!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Michael Kors Purse Look-a-Like

I'm in love with this Michael Kors purse for $298 (currently on sale for $178 at Nordstrom). But even at 40% off its way too expensive for me.

I found this great substitute at Old Navy for $20 when it was on sale with 30% off last week.

It doesn't have the additional long shoulder strap that the Michael Kors bag has but its fine without it. It looks much better in person. The vinyl could really pass for leather (unless you are holding and feeling it) and its more slouchy when you are carrying it. (I was surprised that the purse was $7 cheaper in the store than online. I found that about several items. I think in the future I'll shop in person at Old Navy.)

Anyway I'm very happy with my new purse. It won't last as long as a leather handbag, but I like to switch up my bags every season so a $20 purse is just perfect for me.

Find any good look-a-likes lately?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ohio University Marching Band - Ylvis The Fox

OMG have you seen this? I was such a band geek in Jr & Senior High School. I was in  marching band in Jr. High but in Senior High I was in the flag corp. Seriously this has me laughing. I would have loved to see it in person. The choreography is great. What a work out to perform it!