Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bonus Days

My son graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design at the end of May with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Digital Media. I'm so proud of him. Since then he's been looking for a job in making video game art and working on his portfolio. Luckily his Dad came thru with a substantial graduation gift so there is no urgency in finding work for awhile.

I consider these my bonus days with him. I know the time he will live at home is limited and can end abruptly at any time (when he finds employment) and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Living Room and Dining Room Drapes

I bought some fabric for new drapes in the living room and dining room. Its a pretty Waverly print from the 1990's. I found it on Etsy and got 12 yards.  I think its perfect for my romantic country / cottage look I'm decorating with now.

Just to get a feel for how they will look I cut the length of them and hung them with the clip rings in the living room. They are pretty. Not as full as I would like, but I don't have enough fabric for double widths. I won't use these as drapes because I don't need privacy but they will just hang as stationary panels.

I'm going to sew them myself so I am thinking just a straight panel lined, no pleats, and gently pleat them with the ring hooks. I'm not sure though. I'm also thinking of putting a ruffled leading edge and bottom of a green check that coordinates well. On the one hand I think ruffled drapes are terribly out of style. However Miles Redd uses them and they seem classic in his interiors. So I might go for it. I'm going for romantic not grandma style!

One last thing. This fabric is a chintz meaning it has a stiff, glossy finish applied. Part of me wants to wash them multiple times so I have a nice soft fabric. But I do like the chintz look, they just don't lay as well for the relaxed style I'm going for. I wish I had some extra fabric so I could experiment a little.

Are you sewing anything new lately? I think chintz is coming back in style. Would you use it?