Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Blessings

So this is the 3rd year I'm trying to participate in the 31 days of Blogging thought up by the Nester. In the past I've failed to complete it, only making it to day 15 or so. Blogging every day is hard! So for this time I've thought of something easy. 31 Days of Blessings. Now I know that might not be every ones cup of tea. My son rolled his eyes at me as I told him my topic.

But it's really appropriate this year. What I didn't tell you is that my health scare that I've referenced a couple times was really Leukemia. I was diagnosed with Leukemia in January. So yeah, a scary health scare. Luckily its treatable. And was caught early enough to make a difference. I take a pill every day and it stops the damaged chromosome from producing the cancer. It's a little more technical but basically that. The side affects have been wicked. I am just now adjusting to it and starting to feel "normal" again.

My little daily pill (which I will have to take for the rest of my life) costs about $10,000 a month. I didn't type that incorrectly. My insurance pays a  portion of that but its still a huge financial burden. A social worker in the Cancer Center told me about a non-profit foundation that could help me pay for my life saving medication.

So for my first blessing in my 31 day series 2014 is the Healthwell Foundation and my $15,000 grant for my medication. Truly a blessing.

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