Friday, June 11, 2010

Fab Friday Favorites

It's been a couple weeks since my last Fab Friday Favorites. Did you miss it? Most of these projects are from posts a few weeks old, but they are still great projects!

I've seen decorated rubber gloves in stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx and have thought they were adorable, but they cost almost $20 for a pair. Too expensive! Super QT On the Hill shows you how to make them. These might almost make washing dishes fun (almost).

I think we've all probably seen pictures of stacked suitcases used as tables. One Cheap B*tch uses that idea but painted the suitcases a uniform color. I think the results look stunning. I have the perfect place in my living room (once the dog bed goes in my son's room when he's off to college in the fall) for this. And I will use the suitcases to store out of season clothes! Good looking and practical. Nice job!

Jen at Tatertots and Jello made this adorable ruffled pillow. I like it because its very big and very ruffley and makes such a statement. And look at that gorgeous bed! She has a great tutorial showing how to make the pillow. Oh and by the way - she used an old bedskirt to make it!

Sabby In Suburbia shows how to transfer images printed on an ink jet printer to a painted canvas using modge podge. Love it!

Kristi at The Speckled Dog (love the blogs looks and content!) updated this paper towel holder with paint and a funky knob and completely transformed it. I think it looks great and adds a design punch to a utilitarian object. See you can decorate anything - even a paper towel holder!

Starburst mirrors are pretty iconic in Mid Century Designs. Craving Some Creativity shows you how to make one for about $5.  I'm seriously looking to see where I can put one in my condo because I want to make this!

Lyssa at The Crafty Clique made this fun coffee table. I really love the numbers.

This adorable bracelet is made using Shrinky Dinks for Ink Jet Printers! I remember making shrinky dinks as a kid. I didn't know they still existed. Stories by Mel shows you how to make it and add scrapbook paper to the backs of the pictures to finish them. What a fun technique.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fab Friday Favorites!


  1. The table I
    L O V E


    p.s. I did miss your Fabn Friday posts!

  2. Thanks for featuring me! I'm so honoured:) This is one of my favorites, just make sure you REALLY glue it on if you try it...i found that out the hard way:)

  3. Thank you for including me too! I was so happy with how the suitcases turned out. They are addicting them though - I want them everywhere!


  4. Thanks for the Linky Love!!