Friday, November 18, 2016

The Meters

Do you ever hear a song on a commercial that just makes you smile? Perhaps its something you remember from your teens and it makes you feel young again. In my case it was a song I had never heard before but had a great beat.

So I did a little Googling after hearing this song on a Google Pixel Commercial and found this song. You gotta hear it. 70's funk was around when I was in grade school and oblivious to stuff unless it was on TV. (I remember watching my dad watch Soul Train on TV! That's some groovy shit.)

Anyway give it a listen. It's fun.

And you can listen to this one's considered classic funk apparently (at least according to Wikipedia)

And apparently my listening limit is 2 funk songs in a row. Give me a little Adam Ant from the 80's and I can listen to all his albums all day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ORC Update - Windowsill and Light Fixture

I'm just checking in with an update on my outstanding One Room Challenge tasks. I want to get the room DONE with no lingering to do tasks, even if they weren't part of my initial One Room Challenge scope of work. This will be the ONLY room in my condo completely done. I'm very excited by that prospect!

If you remember in week 4 I discovered water damage to my windowsill but couldn't get the handyman out to fix it prior to reveal day. As a reminder here is what it looked like once we scraped up the spackle hiding this mess. It was in both corners of the little bay window.

I had the handyman (Pepe) out yesterday and he was able to fix the damage.  Apparently the wood isn't rotten but there is water damage to the many layers of paint in that area. He nailed in the one loose board and applied Bondo and smoothed out all the bumps. Boy is that stuff stinky! With quite of bit of sanding it's now ready for primer and paint. I'll take care of that when I'm off of work for Thanksgiving next week. Luckily there was no other issues in the window area!

Pepe also installed my pretty light fixture. He ran into trouble as the do-hicky that you screw to the ceiling that the light then hangs from was too small for the hole in the ceiling. The joys of old house living. A trip to the hardware store and it was fixed. It was a bit of a pain for him to install all the crystals. Look how nice the light looks! Sparkly!!

The light is this one from Overstock for $165. I like it so much I will probably put it in my bedroom when I redo that room (maybe for the Spring One Room Challenge in April!)

ORC Outstanding Items (did you notice that my list is growing longer not shorter?! Sigh.)

Fix window sill
Wash windows
Caulk around window
Prime / paint window sill
Paint closet doors
Install light fixture
Hem curtains
Sew ball fringe on curtains
Finish pink globe DIY
Purchase / hang mirror between desk and window
Add Wink clock above mirror
Sand / paint radiator covers

Friday, November 11, 2016

ORC Week 6 - Reveal Day

Today is the big day! It's week 6 of the One Room Challenge by Calling it Home -- Reveal Day!! The challenge was to make over a room in 6 short weeks and blog about the process. Go here to see the other guest participants rooms!

You can view my initial plan here: 

I made over my son's former bedroom into my home office. The before pictures are after a quick refresh right after he moved out. It looked ok but didn't function well. The requirements were storage, a lighter brighter feminine space, display space for rotating art, and easier to access book storage.

Here are the before's:

After several plan changes and a few set backs here are the afters:

I'm very happy with my progress. The room isn't completely done. I still have the rotten windowsill and light fixture to repair/replace. The radiator covers need to be sanded and painted and replaced. The drapes need to be hemmed and the black ball trim attached. I have a 1/2 completed globe diy in process. And I need something between the desk and the window. Whew! Seems like a lot, but a lot was done to this room. I'm a slow decorator so a 6 week challenge was HARD for me. Progress not perfection, right?!

I'll go more into the status and details over the remaining to-do's, a cost breakdown, a resource list and how we made the giant bulletin board in the coming weeks.

I'd like to thank Forrest and Kris for all their help in getting this room done. We all know if it was left up to just me I would be on my 8,384th plan and paint would never get up on the walls. Also thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing this wild ride.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

ORC - Week 5 - I'm Never Going to Finish!

Welcome back to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge where I am making over my home office in 6 weeks and blogging all the details. You can check out all the other guest participants here.

I'm in a mad scramble to finish as much of the room in the next week as possible. Once I get paint on the walls I can move in the furniture waiting in my living room. It looks like the repair work on the rotten windowsill found last week and the installation of the new light fixture I decided to add at the last minute can't be scheduled until after the reveal next week. Whomp whomp!!

All the plaster is patched and the ceiling has 2 coats of paint and the trim is painted. The gray paint goes up today! I know it doesn't really look it, but a lot of work has gone into getting the room to this point!

We cleaned up all the old caulk and damage where the radiator covers were caulked to the walls. The covers are a hot mess...65 years of layers and layers of gloppy, peeling paint. The thought of either sanding or stripping the paint, priming and repainting is daunting. Especially considering that the whole condo needs to be done eventually. It becomes even more of a challenge when you realize my 3rd floor condo doesn't have a backyard or basement or garage where I can easily do projects like this.

I decided to explore replacing the covers. Mine are from the 1950's so an exact replacement is impossible. There are a bunch of replacement companies and products out there. I found an inexpensive option at Home Depot. They have a polymer cover to retrofit my baseboards from Neat Heat. It is $54 for a 6' length. I ordered a sample and a couple of connector pieces and received them yesterday. It fits great! I just removed the existing cover and slide on the new one using the existing hangers nailed to the wall. These are for hot water heat not electric. They will melt with electric heat baseboards. You can see the difference in this picture. The old one is on the left. The new replacement cover is on the right. You can't really see the messy layers of paint but trust me they are there!

The cover doesn't dent, scratch, yellow or off gas. It's paintable but I will leave it white. My small room will cost about $300 but it has either radiators or the return on 3 walls. I think not having to deal with the paint encrusted covers and upgrading my entire room in minutes is worth the expense. I'm placing an order for the remaining pieces needed today. Shipping of the sample was super fast. Fingers crossed the order comes in time for reveal day!

Alrighty...enough gabbing. I've got a bunch of stuff to do! Check back next Thursday for the big reveal!

Fix rotten window sill (scheduled for after the reveal. Bummer)
Replace ceiling fan with sparkly light fixture (scheduled for after the reveal)
Rent a rug cleaner / clean rugs 
Scrape caulk / fix plaster by the radiators (completed)
Order replacement radiator covers (today)
Install replacement radiator covers (hopefully I receive them by next Thursday!)
Paint the ceiling (done)
Paint the trim (done)
Paint the room gray (today!)
Change out the desk, add storage (purchased ready to be installed)
Make a giant bulletin board (waiting for the walls to be painted)
Make Rosettes (not sure I'm going to use them)
Sell the futon (sold!)
Purchase Kallax shelves from Ikea (put together, waiting in the living room)
Return shelves for over the desk to Ikea
Hang curtain rod (waiting for the walls to be painted)
Make drapes (waiting for the curtain rod to be hung because math)
Add a surprise design element --brooch mannequin (completed)
Hang large chandelier print (waiting for the walls to be painted)
Zhush up the place!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

ORC Week 4 -- So much to do!

Welcome back to week 4 of the One Room Challenge where I'm redoing my office space (formerly my son's bedroom) in 6 weeks. You can read about previous weeks: Week1 - The Before, Week 2 - The Plan, Week 3 - Progress. Check out the rest of the guest participants work here!

Ugh!!! I'm never going to finish!! Or so it seems today. My to do list is growing and my done list is inching along.

Lets dive right in. We found significant water damage to the windowsill that the previous owner covered with spackle. The spackle came up in thick sheets while prepping for freshly painted trim revealing this ugly mess. It's in both corners of the little bay window.

I'm waiting for a second estimate to repair the damage. It's a one day-ish job (hopefully there is nothing hidden that gets discovered and also has to be repaired.) The work can be done next week but that means painting that area can't be started yet as there will most likely be plaster damage as the boards are removed/installed.

Also we had a problem with our hot water floor radiator covers falling off the wall in a spot. I swear I took a picture but can't find it. Anyway in addition the covers had been caulked with inch thick caulk to the walls which prohibited any way to clean or service the units.

The new job became scrapping/pulling off a thick layer of old and brittle caulk exposing the full radiator cover, damaged plaster walls and decades of dust, hair and dirt. Oh boy! The good news is that it was an easy repair after that to fix the hanging radiator cover.

We still need to clean everything for the remaining radiators, scrape the residue caulk and paint build up on the wall and cover, repair the plaster damage that was hidden by the caulk, sand and paint the covers, paint the wall, and hope we can reinstall the 70 year old covers without issue.

I also decided that since I need to have a contractor out I'll replace the ceiling fan. The repair work is blowing my budget so I'm using the fixture I had purchased for the dining room. It'll look great in this room and I can always purchase a new one for the dining room later.

Jolie Iron Shade Crystal Flush Mount Chandelier

There was also some big changes to the design plans, yes again! The plan on Saturday morning was the large set of cubbiess and the bulletin board above the desk. After a trip to Ikea an hour away and some lunch, and a tour of the room, my son thought it would look better and be easier to access if the bulletin board was across the room above a short set of cubbies and shelves above the desk for pretties!

I did a little Pinterest research and found an exact picture of what he said. I had to agree this was a better plan.

How to make a giant fabric-covered bulletin board. AWESOME! I already have the cork board, now I just need the fabric!:

On Sunday we took another trip to Ikea and returned the tall cubbies and bought the short cubbies and shelves for above the desk.

Then Monday night I decided to do away with the long shelves above the desk! I think I was swayed by pretty Pinterest pins of feminine office shelves full of pretty black, white, pink and gold items. I'm more of a minimalist -- I don't like clutter and having to dust things. And I didn't really have much stuff that I wanted to put on the shelves. It seemed silly to spend the $$ to shop for things for 2 long shelves that might make me twitchy with so much stuff/clutter!

Instead I decided to purchase a big piece of art. In the long run I didn't save any money, but I love this print. And its nice and big at 45"x30". I had thought about purchasing it for my dining room when I was redoing it earlier this year but went with something lighter instead. I'm glad I found a space to use it. It arrives Friday and I can't wait to see it in person. It really fits with my contemporary glamour design aesthetic.
Burst Creative 'Crystal Attraction' Canvas Art
All the design changing craziness is typical for me. You can see why it takes me forever to get things done. With the purchase of this non returnable art my decisions are pretty locked in now.

There has been some progress! The room is pretty much emptied (I now have a futon sitting in my living room hoping someone purchases it soon). The ceiling has one coat of paint. I think it'll need another. Why does ceiling paint not cover well? Its white over white, you would think one coat would cover. Not!

I should mention that my son's girlfriend Kris is a life saver. She enjoys the prep and painting type of work which I find tedious and am bad at. She has put a lot of time into this room. She also seems to not mind me talking about my 7,000 versions of what this room could look like. My son Forrest is great with many trips to Ikea, some good ideas from a fresh perspective and free labor. This room wouldn't happen without them.

Things to Do:

Fix rotten window sill (waiting for 2nd estimate)
Replace ceiling fan with sparkly light fixture
Rent a rug cleaner /clean rugs (why not with the room almost empty! What's one more thing?)
Fix hanging radiator cover (completed!)
Fix plaster by radiator covers
Scrape/paint radiator cover
Reassemble radiator covers
Paint the room gray
Paint the ceiling (1 coat done)
Paint the trim
Change out the desk, add storage (purchased)
Make a giant bulletin board
Make rosettes (not sure now if I'm going to use them)
Decorate the bulletin board
Sell the futon and get it out of the living room (Listed for sale on Craigslist)
Purchase the short Kallax shelves from Ikea
Return shelves for over the desk to Ikea
Hang curtain rod (purchased)
Make drapes (I have the supplies)
Add a surprise design element (Mannequin completed)

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Friday, October 21, 2016

ORC Week 3 -- Progress

Hi. Welcome back to my office redo. If you are new here I'm participating in the One Room Challenge where I redo a room in 6 short weeks. You can see week 1 here where I show my before pictures. Week 2 is here where I talk about my plan for the space. Go here to check out week 1 of all the other ORC guest participants!

I'm behind schedule!! I was supposed to have the room painted last weekend. Both my son and I were sick and didn't get it done. I'm hopeful that we can paint this weekend so I can catch up. The plan is to paint the walls Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. The ceiling will be white out of the can ceiling paint. The trim is Extra White by Sherwin Williams. I can't wait to see the paint on the walls and the trim refreshed!!

I can show you some progress on accessories in the room. I'm going to hang some paper rosettes above the giant bulletin board I'm making. I can't make/hang the bulletin board until the walls are painted. But I did take some time to gather items to decorate it. I made 8 rosettes the other night while watching TV.

The rosettes were super easy to make. I used this tutorial. You need 3 sheets of 12" square scrapbook paper for each rosette. A little folding, scotch tape, hot glue later and voila! I added one step not in the tutorial, I had to add hot glue to the center of the rosette to hold everything together. The tape wasn't holding well enough. And since I had the glue out I added a little center circle to the front and back to stabilize the rosette even more and hid the messy glue job.  I'm pleased with the way they turned out.

I also got my secret design project completed! I was going to share this in Week 5 but since I really don't have anything to show you today it's moved up the schedule. For years I've wanted a way to display some antique brooches I have. Finally I had a plan. I found a mannequin on Craigs List for $49 that has a pinnable surface. I gathered my brooches and had fun arranging them. Over time I'll probably purchase a few more pins (now that I have something to do with them!) and completely fill up the bodice.

I made the tulle skirt with 10 yards of glitter tulle and a ribbon. I tied the ribbon around the mannequin's waist loosely. I cut the tulle into approximately 6" wide lengths, tied them around the ribbon and scrunched them all together so the skirt was full. The project cost about $25 for supplies and took only 90 minutes. You could do the same process for a skirt for a child or even you!

I hope this week I can get the room painted, the desk and shelves in place and the curtain rod hung. Yikes!! Lots left to do!

Things to do:

Paint the room gray
Paint the ceiling and trim white
Change out the desk, add storage (purchased)
Make a giant bulletin board (I've got a plan!)
Make rosettes
Decorate the bulletin board
Sell the futon (listed on Craigslist)
Purchase Kallax shelves from Ikea
Decorate / organize the shelves
Hang curtain rod (purchased rod)
Make drapes
Add a surprise design element! (Mannequin completed)

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

ORC Week 2 - The Plan

Hi. How's it going? Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge where I am making over my home office in 6 weeks. (See week 1 here)

Progress has been kinda slow as I keep changing my mind about what I want. I know, like who would have thunk it?! When I left you last week I showed my starting point and talked about my goals for the room. Well those have changed a bit.

The biggest change is that I'm ditching the futon. This used to be my sons room. Since it was so small we chose to have a futon instead of a traditional bed. A full size bed and desk wouldn't have given any room to walk. Fast forward and it is no longer needed as my son is out on his own. I was going to keep the futon in case he came back home. Right now that seems doubtful but we all know life throws curve balls and anything can happen. Anyway if it is needed again in the future we'll figure something out at that time. Also I almost never have overnight guests so it isn't needed for them. I do have a very luxurious air mattress so there is someplace to sleep if necessary. Task 117b=sell the futon.
office final

Now the futon wall will have a set of Kallax shelves from Ikea. Lots of storage space for pretties and room for some books.

I'm doing a little diy and making black pom pom fringe drapes. It should be an easy project with ready made drapes from Ikea. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. There is an internet secret...use fabric glue instead of sewing the trim on!

I  have a white desk that is longer and narrower than the wood/black one. It fits the space better. Desk drawers will help keep me organized. The last desk didn't have any drawers!

The shelves above the desk are going away. I don't need display space with the Kallax across the room. I don't have enough stuff to fill both! In its place I'm thinking of a bulletin board. I first thought of a gallery wall. But I like to move things around and the ability to add and switch things out will satisfy my need to continually redecorate and yet keep it in a small controlled environment instead of the entire condo. I will either make a bulletin board or buy a new black one (pricey). There is also an option for sale on Craigslist but I'm not sure it will fit in my car.

During the next week I will paint the room Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams with the help of my son and his girlfriend. Its a small room, but I'm a messy painter so the help is wonderful. I hope to finalize the type of bulletin board I'll be using and order it if necessary. I also have to track down a curtain rod that doesn't cost an arm and leg for the small bay window.

Paint the room gray
Paint the ceiling and trim white
Change out the desk, add storage
Change out the shelves - lighten up the place
Remove shelves add a bulletin board
Decorate bulletin board
Update the futon - new cover, stain the frame?
Sell the futon
Purchase Kallax shelves from Ikea
Decorate / organize Kallax
Add drapes
Change out the art above the futon
Change out the shelf decor
Add a surprise design element!

Check back next Thursday to see my progress!

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