Thursday, October 13, 2016

ORC Week 2 - The Plan

Hi. How's it going? Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge where I am making over my home office in 6 weeks. (See week 1 here)

Progress has been kinda slow as I keep changing my mind about what I want. I know, like who would have thunk it?! When I left you last week I showed my starting point and talked about my goals for the room. Well those have changed a bit.

The biggest change is that I'm ditching the futon. This used to be my sons room. Since it was so small we chose to have a futon instead of a traditional bed. A full size bed and desk wouldn't have given any room to walk. Fast forward and it is no longer needed as my son is out on his own. I was going to keep the futon in case he came back home. Right now that seems doubtful but we all know life throws curve balls and anything can happen. Anyway if it is needed again in the future we'll figure something out at that time. Also I almost never have overnight guests so it isn't needed for them. I do have a very luxurious air mattress so there is someplace to sleep if necessary. Task 117b=sell the futon.
office final

Now the futon wall will have a set of Kallax shelves from Ikea. Lots of storage space for pretties and room for some books.

I'm doing a little diy and making black pom pom fringe drapes. It should be an easy project with ready made drapes from Ikea. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. There is an internet secret...use fabric glue instead of sewing the trim on!

I  have a white desk that is longer and narrower than the wood/black one. It fits the space better. Desk drawers will help keep me organized. The last desk didn't have any drawers!

The shelves above the desk are going away. I don't need display space with the Kallax across the room. I don't have enough stuff to fill both! In its place I'm thinking of a bulletin board. I first thought of a gallery wall. But I like to move things around and the ability to add and switch things out will satisfy my need to continually redecorate and yet keep it in a small controlled environment instead of the entire condo. I will either make a bulletin board or buy a new black one (pricey). There is also an option for sale on Craigslist but I'm not sure it will fit in my car.

During the next week I will paint the room Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams with the help of my son and his girlfriend. Its a small room, but I'm a messy painter so the help is wonderful. I hope to finalize the type of bulletin board I'll be using and order it if necessary. I also have to track down a curtain rod that doesn't cost an arm and leg for the small bay window.

Paint the room gray
Paint the ceiling and trim white
Change out the desk, add storage
Change out the shelves - lighten up the place
Remove shelves add a bulletin board
Decorate bulletin board
Update the futon - new cover, stain the frame?
Sell the futon
Purchase Kallax shelves from Ikea
Decorate / organize Kallax
Add drapes
Change out the art above the futon
Change out the shelf decor
Add a surprise design element!

Check back next Thursday to see my progress!

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