Friday, October 21, 2016

ORC Week 3 -- Progress

Hi. Welcome back to my office redo. If you are new here I'm participating in the One Room Challenge where I redo a room in 6 short weeks. You can see week 1 here where I show my before pictures. Week 2 is here where I talk about my plan for the space. Go here to check out week 1 of all the other ORC guest participants!

I'm behind schedule!! I was supposed to have the room painted last weekend. Both my son and I were sick and didn't get it done. I'm hopeful that we can paint this weekend so I can catch up. The plan is to paint the walls Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. The ceiling will be white out of the can ceiling paint. The trim is Extra White by Sherwin Williams. I can't wait to see the paint on the walls and the trim refreshed!!

I can show you some progress on accessories in the room. I'm going to hang some paper rosettes above the giant bulletin board I'm making. I can't make/hang the bulletin board until the walls are painted. But I did take some time to gather items to decorate it. I made 8 rosettes the other night while watching TV.

The rosettes were super easy to make. I used this tutorial. You need 3 sheets of 12" square scrapbook paper for each rosette. A little folding, scotch tape, hot glue later and voila! I added one step not in the tutorial, I had to add hot glue to the center of the rosette to hold everything together. The tape wasn't holding well enough. And since I had the glue out I added a little center circle to the front and back to stabilize the rosette even more and hid the messy glue job.  I'm pleased with the way they turned out.

I also got my secret design project completed! I was going to share this in Week 5 but since I really don't have anything to show you today it's moved up the schedule. For years I've wanted a way to display some antique brooches I have. Finally I had a plan. I found a mannequin on Craigs List for $49 that has a pinnable surface. I gathered my brooches and had fun arranging them. Over time I'll probably purchase a few more pins (now that I have something to do with them!) and completely fill up the bodice.

I made the tulle skirt with 10 yards of glitter tulle and a ribbon. I tied the ribbon around the mannequin's waist loosely. I cut the tulle into approximately 6" wide lengths, tied them around the ribbon and scrunched them all together so the skirt was full. The project cost about $25 for supplies and took only 90 minutes. You could do the same process for a skirt for a child or even you!

I hope this week I can get the room painted, the desk and shelves in place and the curtain rod hung. Yikes!! Lots left to do!

Things to do:

Paint the room gray
Paint the ceiling and trim white
Change out the desk, add storage (purchased)
Make a giant bulletin board (I've got a plan!)
Make rosettes
Decorate the bulletin board
Sell the futon (listed on Craigslist)
Purchase Kallax shelves from Ikea
Decorate / organize the shelves
Hang curtain rod (purchased rod)
Make drapes
Add a surprise design element! (Mannequin completed)

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  1. That mannequin! Can't wait to see the final reveal! It's going to be glamorous!