Thursday, July 8, 2010


Clutter, how I despise you. You make me twitchy. If you saw my perfection post you'd probably guess that I have a tremendous dislike of clutter because the house doesn't look close to *perfect*. Right now its far from it. I'd be embarrassed if someone came over (I embarrass easily). I'm trying to embrace some of my clutter and accept it as part of normal life. Everyone has it, right?! But the house feels overrun! I have a theory. My house is small (650 sq. feet) and has 2 adults a dog and a cat living here. I don't think I have an empty surface in the entire place. So my theory is that the clutter looks amplified because the space is so small. When I had a 3700 sq. foot house the same amount of daily clutter was spread out and "appeared" to be less. There were so many more surfaces for it to sit on. So I don't have too much clutter, my house is just too small!


  1. So nice to know I am in good company. Sometimes I will spend all day trying to figure out how to reorganize things and it looks the same after I finish :0)

  2. Ha ha - I am going to use your theory - my house is just too small ;)