Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jonathan Adler Inspired Cat Statue

I just love Jonathan Adler and his designs. It all started for me with his book, "Jonathan Adler My Perscription for Anti-Depressive Living" where he touts "Maximus" living instead of minimal and has the designs to prove it. Funny because I always think I'm a minimalist but his happy chic style can change my mind!

Anyway there is no way I can afford any of his designs available here. But I have found an Adler inspired cat (in one of the most unexpected places) for my house that I just love.

 Adler's version at $120, 15.5" tall

My $19.99 (+20% off), 19" tall.

Granted, there is a big difference in texture and detail. But mine gives me a feeling and look I'm happy with, and it's even a little taller which works well for me. Best of all the price tag didn't break the bank. So guess where I got it? It's so funny. It's a bathroom toilet brush holder from Bed Bath & Beyond (in stores only). Yep, the back is hollow to stick a brush in. But viewed from the front and sides you'd never be able to tell. My kitty sits in a corner guarding my front door. Love it!

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