Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Decorating - Not

Am I the only person in blogland who doesn't decorate for Halloween or fall? Come on - I can't be.

But it sure seems like it when I read my favorite blogs. They are full of Halloween decorations, desserts and tablescapes, not to mention the fall mantels, candle arrangements and door wreaths. I have nothing against all the decorations and find alot of them beautiful. And when my son was little I did do a little decorating for Halloween. I had pillows for fall, would change out my candles and put little touches here and there around the house. I loved the change in seasons, the crispness in the air and all the beautiful colors and enjoyed celebrating it in my home. It felt warm and cozy.

Since I've downsized and embraced a minimal modern decorating style, decorating for Halloween and fall just doesn't fit with my lifestyle anymore. I still adore the season, I just enjoy it outside not inside. I have a quilted fall door hanging in my pile of projects to finish. And I have some pretty glass acorns mixed in with my Christmas decorations that I always forget to get out. I'll put out a scented fall-ish candle and call it done. I will cook some fall favorites and take advantage of the fruits and vegetables in season - but I do that with every season so its nothing special.

Do any of you not decorate for Halloween or fall or decorate in a minimal way? How do you decorate? (or not)


  1. I don't decorate much at all for any holiday except a little for Christmas. I'm not really into seasonal crafting at all...and there's been SO MUCH in the blogging world. Ah well...good to hear that you're similar!

  2. The only time of the year that I go all out is Christmas and even this year, that will be tapered down. With the kids out of the house, the decorating seems a bit overboard. Or maybe I'm just grinchy this year... Ha! I do have fall decorations and I did do a few tutorials for them, but I usually give them away or try to sell them on etsy.

    Fun to make, but by the time I get around to putting them out, it's time for another holiday.