Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bathroom Update and New White Towels

The joy of  fluffy white towels! I finally got around to using a $25 gift card to Target I won and purchased some new white bath towels. I had a mix-mash of colors and age of towels we were using in the bath and some were in bad shape. Nothing really went with the black and white retro 50's tile or aqua blue walls.  Now they match, are in good shape and look so pretty! I have already replaced my fuchsia bathmat and multi-colored knobs on my medicine chest with white and silver respectively and cleared off the top of my chest of do-dads. (Nothing escapes my minimizing ways!) I still have a lot to do: replace the black and white zebra shower curtain with a thick white one, install a new towel bar on the door and get rid of a hanging thing attached to the door hinges, install a robe hook, install a new shower head, install a new faucet and tile the sink backsplash. I had two handymen in for quotes for the installation and tile work. Hopefully it will begin shortly. Then my mini bathroom update will be complete. I'm going for a spa look. So crisp and clean. Pictures to follow as the work progresses.

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  1. Can't wait to see more photos!! Yay for towels that match. I just replaced all of ours as well!