Saturday, September 17, 2011

Missoni for Target

Have you heard about all the hoop-la around the Missoni for Target collection? Women gone wild filling shopping carts full of items, stealing from other peoples carts, fighting, etc. And then all the stuff has ended up on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. Oh and Target's website crashed on the day of the launch. Anyway I think the launch was on Tuesday? And today is Saturday. I had to go to Target to return some slippers and thought I'd check around and see if there was anything left. A couple of the home items were cute looking on the website. (Everything on the website was sold out.)

In the store I found 2 king comforter sets, a bra and panties set and nothing else. I walked around - it is Target after all. And then I spotted a Missoni vase hidden behind some stuff on a shelf. I grabbed the vase and quickly walked away! There was no price sticker and I was a little shocked at the $39.99 price tag when it was rung up, but I got it anyway. Wanna see ....

I know the flowers look stupid but it's the picture from the Target website. It will look great on the shelves in the 2nd bedroom. Although I'm really considering returning it (no matter how good it looks). $43.95 with tax is a little spendy for a vase. And yes, I am that cheap.

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