Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food

I'm a Buzz Agent. It's fun. I get samples and coupons for products and I tell people about them and review them and provide feedback to the companies.

My latest campaign is Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food for cats 11+ years old. My cat Starbuck is 15 years old. I switched her over to the cat food. At first she wanted nothing to do with it. It looked similar to what she was used to eating. She has always eaten Science Diet cat food. It must smell or taste different. Eventually she ate it. (It was funny. I gradually switched her by adding in a little more of the Age Defying cat food every day. She would pick out the Age Defying and drop them on the floor. She really didn't like it.)

Anyway I think I notice a difference in her. She seems more alert and plays more. Before she seemed to always be sleeping. She's more active now. The food is also supposed to help maintain proper kidney function, protect muscle mass, maintain a natural immune system function and increase mental clarity.

If you have an older cat you should give it a try! I think you and your cat will like it.

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