Friday, August 31, 2012

31 Days

The Nester of The Nesting Place has an annual challenge to blog about a topic for 31 days in the month of October. I tried last year with a topic of 31 Projects Around the House. I lasted only a few days and ran out of energy. It's hard to do something, take pictures and then write about it every day. I guess that's why it's a challenge! I'm going to try again this year with a similar topic 31 Days of Projects Around the House. (See the difference? Not 31 projects it's 31 days of projects. I can now do projects that take longer than a day to complete either because they are time consuming or because I'm lazy. I love having a lazy factor built in!) However, I'm going to plan better. I'll actually plan out my 31 days ahead of time, line up half the posts to go during the month of September and double up on writing posts on the weekends so I'm not under pressure to do something every night. I'm excited! I also can't wait to read what everyone else blogs about. There will be a linky party for everyone to link up to. Last year there were 700 bloggers participating. Wow!

So I'm busily dreaming up my list of projects. Now to look at the list again while trying to be realistic about timing. I know I won't get 31 projects done, even if I think I will, I won't. I also want to make a cute button for the blog. And I have to get a new camera so I can actually take pictures since my camera is officially dead and my son and his iPhone have left for college. 

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