Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shelves in the bedroom

Today we hung some shelves in my son's room. I also touched up the paint around the ceiling. When I painted last year I must have been drunk! The lines were so crooked. A little ceiling paint and a steady hand made a world of differences today. My camera is still dead so I only have iPhone pictures to show, which were taken at night so the light is bad. I just knew if I waited for better pictures that I would get busy with something else and actually never get around to positing something.

In the space between the desk and the lower shelf I want to hang either a pin board or a piece of art. It definitely needs something there. I had fun pulling stuff from a box of misc. decorating items to place on the shelves. Its nice to have things out and my books off the floor of my bedroom. The empty frame hanging on the wall is just temporary. It already fell down with the command hooks holding it. I like how it fills the space so I'll hammer in a nail to be more permanent. Speaking of hanging. Oh boy were the shelves hard to hang. I have plaster walls. It took FOREVER to drill thru them to use the super duty screws to hang them.

I'm happy to have this project done except for a few tweaks to the decorative items.

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