Saturday, August 18, 2012

The small things - light bulbs

So I did something simple today that had a great impact on how my living room looks and feels. I changed out a range of different colored light bulbs to all the same type/color. I had one that was "daylight" and was very blue. I had one incandescent which was very yellow. The other 2 were fluorescent and were somewhere in between blue and yellow. Nothing matched and it was very distracting and hodge-podge looking.

Now all of the lights are "bright white" which is a nice neutral glow. Granted the colors still looks a little different.  Even though all the lamps have white shades there is still some variation in the shade color and opacity which changes the color of light that the bulbs give. Another thing I unintentionally did was change the wattage. The new bulbs are all 60 watt. Most of the old ones were 75 watts. With the smaller wattage the room isn't as bright and has some mood lighting going on. We'll see if it's bright enough where I sit with my laptop or if I have to go get some 75 watt light bulbs for that area. It looks nice though. Dimable lights would be great in this area. I'm not even sure they make dimable florescent lights.

For under $5 I updated the look with uniform color and brightness and created a mellow, soothing space. I didn't purchase enough bulbs to change out the dining room fixture, but that's next. Now to find a recycling center for the bulbs I took out.

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