Thursday, August 16, 2012

Virtual Garage Sale

I'm having a virtual garage sale on Craigs List this week. I've cleared out stuff I've had crammed in my son's room (I took over a shelf in the closet while he was away at college), my bedroom and items I've been storing on the dining room table and listed them for sale. Currently I'm at 24 items for sale. I've got another round of picture taking to do this evening for about another 1/2 a dozen items. I'm not going to mess with vintage books, vintage prints (which require going to a specialty shop to see if they want to buy them), and items in the china cabinet this time or anything in the basement storage locker. I want to get the things that don't have homes out of the house! I had wanted to get everything that I wanted to sell pictures taken at least while my son was home and had a working, good, camera. He goes back to school in a little more than a week but I don't think I'll get to the basement. I'll have to wait for him to come home over winter break.

My plan is to list things for 2 weeks and then reduce the price if they don't sell. Then list them for 1 more week reduce the price the list for a final week. After 4 weeks anything priced under $20 will get donated and I'll take a two week break and then relist the other items. I have a couple nice vintage items that if they don't sell I might try eBay. I hate the thought of dealing with shipping though.

I had thought about having a real garage sale instead of a virtual one but I live on the 3rd floor and don't want to haul all my junk down the stairs and then back up again if it doesn't sell. Besides I really need one more body to make it work with setting up stuff.  I wasn't sure I had enough items to make a decent sale but once I start pulling things out it looks like I do. Oh well.

I'm obsessively checking my email to see if anyone is interested in my cast-offs. Have you sold anything lately?

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