Friday, September 28, 2012

In the pink

Do you go though phases with color?

In the springtime I want things light and airy. I tend to remove knick-knacks and pillows. I put up a white shower curtain and use white towels. I still have tons of color, it's just quieter.

Now that fall is on its way I think I'm nesting. I bought fuchsia pillows for the living room. Fuchsia napkins. Fuchsia hand towels for the bathroom. A new very brightly colored shower curtain. A new brightly colored rug for the kitchen. I can't seem to get enough color and contrast.(pictures to come soon).

I've also kind of decided f*** it. I love pink. The brighter, more saturated fuchsia pink the better. I've never decorated with pink. It's too easy to skew teenage girl bedroom cutesy. Well I did have a laundry room painted baby girl pink in a long ago house. In hind sight it wasn't pretty but it made me happy at the time.

So now I'm trying to decorate with pink. Who cares if it goes teen girl cutesy if it makes me happy? A friend once told me the colors I wanted to decorate with were "too circus like" (What, turquoise, royal blue, leaf green, pink, black and white are circus colors?).  When my son comes home from college he'll roll his eyes and tell me it doesn't look good. Well he'll live here for about 6 months out of the next 30 months until he's done with school and moves out on his own so he doesn't get a vote on decorating anymore. My house my decor my choice.

So pink/fuchsia is in and here to stay. At least until I get a wild hair and decided to do something different in about 6-8 months.

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  1. Eh, some people just aren't big color people! I think too many colors done the wrong way can look garish, but done tastefully, look really beautiful and unique. Jamie Meares mixes up color AND pattern all the time I don't think her projects ever look circus-y; they just look fun! I think there is a trick to doing a lot of color well, though. Go for the pink! I also had a pink phase for a while and have zero regrets!