Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Camera

So I finally got a new camera! My old one kept eating batteries every 5-10 minutes and my son and his iPhone went back to college. I'm not a fancy photographer. What I wanted in a camera was something small and lightweight to fit in my purse all the time. Plus it had to take good pictures and be easy to operate. I found the Nikon Cookpix S6100. I think its last year's model as this year is the S6300 but things like that don't bother me. It is tiny - about the size of a deck of cards. It has 16 mega pixels, 7x optical zoom, one button video record and 3" LCD touch screen. So far I'm really happy. It seems to take good pictures. I still need to figure out how to white balance and take pictures at night in the house without the flash. It might be time to break out the manual and give it a read. The best part? My son had a gift card from his high school graduation party several years ago and gave it to me to use. So the camera, 8G memory card and case was practically free. He's such a nice boy!

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