Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 - Update to the Doors

This update to the condo was boring but necessary. With all the heat this summer my 60 year old building did some major settling. It caused several cracks in my plaster and my back door, bathroom door and bedroom door would no longer open and close without sticking.

I purchased a wood file/rasp from Home Depot and tried to file away the door tops so they would close properly again. Well that was the wrong tool. It chipped away at the wood veneer instead of smoothly taking off the wood. And it wouldn't take off enough wood for the doors to close.

Then I purchased a wood plane. I've never used one before. I assumed it would have directions or pictures on how to set the blade. Nope. Nothing. So I fiddled with it and got the blade adjusted (didn't know if it was correct) and used it. It smoothly took off shavings of the top and then side of the door. It worked quickly and didn't crack the veneer. Soon I had the doors done and the floor vacuumed up.

Then the back door lock was sticking. You would have to push and wiggle the key to get the lock open. On my 2nd trip to Home Depot I purchased two new locks so I could replace the front and back door lock. (The front door lock worked fine. I just wanted the two locks to use the same key.) It was a little challenging to get the screws to line up properly but easy enough to change out the locks.

So that is today's updates. Doors that close properly and locks that work. Boring but necessary.

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