Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 - New Futon Cover

My son's room has a futon in it. When he's home from college its usually open so he can sleep on it. When he's not home I have it folded up and use his room as an office/sewing room/crafting area/storage space. He is away at college more than he is at home. The futon cover is a few years old. It looked OK when his walls were off-white but I never really loved it. I should have returned it right after I received it but it seemed easier to just put up with it. Last year we painted his room this lovely avocado/pea green and the cover now looks like baby poop. It looks tan in this picture. It's not. It's a shade of greenish/brown that clashes with the wall color and makes it look distgusting.

I ordered a new black cover and think it looks so much better.

I have plans to make some pillows and paint the white canvas hanging on the wall. Stay tuned!

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