Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4 - New Chair

Many years ago I received some mid-century modern furniture from a friends parents for the princely sum of $40 plus an oak dining room table (which I bought at Goodwill). I got a teak rocking chair, a teak chair and ottoman, and a teak coffee table and two matching end tables. They lived in the basement of my old  house for several years. In my current house the other pieces are in my living room. Several years ago I found out that the furniture is iconic danish modern furniture from the late 1950's by famous designers and worth some money. What a happy surprise!

The rocking chair has been in my bedroom. I had intentions to upholster it in a fun stripe when my bedroom plans included some bright colors. I've changed direction and the chair doesn't really fit with the look I want. I plan on selling the chair on eBay. I just have to figure out how to ship it. It will go a long way to funding my other decorating plans.

My new chair is a Century Mandarin chair in he style of James Monte. I absolutely love it. It's wide and low to the ground, so comfy. It was a Craigs List bargain for $10. It has some finish issues and needs to be reupholstered but those are easy fixes. It was fun trying to maneuver the chair into my small Saturn car. I had to put it in the passenger seat with a leg over the gear shift and the top leg hitting my rear view mirror and my son crammed in the back seat. Luckily I didn't have far to drive home. I recently saw the same exact chair on eBay for $650. I'm pretty happy with my $10 chair!

When I find fabric I want to upholster the chair with I'll be sure to post pictures! (And that is a cat bed and toys to the side and behind the chairs. I should have taken them out of the pictures. Oops.)

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