Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5 - Bedroom light

I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom. I purchased these great lamps at the Salvation Army for $7.99 for the pair. I love the tall ginger jar shape and the chevron lampshades. I purchased the lampshades on clearance at Target many months ago and have been keeping them safe for the bedroom. I plan on spray painting the lamps a raspberry color and trying to tape off the gold base so that stays. (I'm still deciding on what pictures to put in my vintage gold frames. I also have plans to paint the walls pale pink, paint the doors black, refinish the black Dorthy Draper Espana chests, purchase a new duvet cover, and make an upholstered headboard in a black chinoiserie fabric.)

(Like how my cat, Starbuck, photo bombed the picture?) Anyway the lamps are tall and towards the middle of the tall dressers on each side of my bed. It is not easy to turn the light on or off. I have to sit all the way up, scooch over to the side of the bed, lean all the way over and fumble for the light switch. All the while usuallly in the dark without my glasses and I don't see well without my glasses. I had a touch lamp adapter do-hicky. You plug your lamp into it and then plug it into the wall. It turns any metal lamp into a touch lamp. You just touch anywhere on the lamp to turn it on and then touch again to turn it off. It worked great. I just slapped my hand around in the dark until it landed on the lamp and voila light! It did however, have a major draw back. The lamp would turn itself on and off randomly. For no apparent reason. Then one night after a nightmare I wake up and the lamp is rapidly turning itself on and off. I was still in the throes of my nightmare about demonic possession and the lamp flickering on and off totally freaked me out. After that I immediately removed the lightbulb and the touch light adapter. But I still wanted something with a similar function.

Enter my new best friend. It's a touch dimmer for the lamp that I found at Home Depot for $10. It is set up the same way - I plug the lamp into it and plug it into the wall. However it has a little disk on a cord that you can put anywhere. Tap the disk once to turn on the lamp to a nightlight level, again for a medium light and a third time for bright light. Tap the 4th time and it turns off the light. You don't need a 3 way light blub, the lamp does all the work. So far I've had no unexpected lights on or off. The little disk has a backing on it so it doesn't slide around. I've got it right at the edge of my dresser and its illuminated by the glow of my alarm clock. It works great. And I'm a happy camper. I threw the old touch light adapter away. I don't need my inanimate objects scaring me!

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