Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7 - Leaky kitchen sink

My very busy brother stopped by today to fix my leaking cold water supply pipe. When the plumber was out clearing the clogged drain he mentioned that I have a slow leak. Well I don't want the water to accumulate and damage my downstairs neighbor ceiling. It was kind of urgent to fix the leak.

Well my brother came over to look at what the issue was. He agreed with the plumber that it should be an easy fix. After he turned off the water supply, he unscrewed the flexible pipe for the cold water. It was a little messy as the water in the pipe went all over the bottom of my cabinet as it was unscrewed. I had towels waiting to mop things up so it wasn't too bad.

Tim, my brother, took the existing leaking piece with him when he went to the hardware store. Smart thinking. That way he's sure to get the right replacement piece. Just match them up.

When he returned he screwed the new flexible pipe in place and slowly turned on the water. It leaked a little bit. He again tightened the nut(?) holding the pipe in place. No leaks! Yeah! It really was a quick fix. I still didn't have the right adjustable wrenches needed to turn off the water or unscrew the flexible pipe. Good thing he had the tools and the time. Isn't it so nice when family helps you out? Hopefully this is the last of my plumbing issues for a long time.

Now to put all the cleaning supplies and misc. stuff back under the sink. That little space is just packed full. Currently its all over my dining room table. Ugh.


  1. Your brother did the right thing by replacing your old pipe with a new one instead of just doing a quick fix. Constant change in temperature will damage your pipe over time. What I suggest is to consider having regular checkups on your pipes, so you could see if it needs replacement or repairs. In doing so, you could avoid experiencing leaks again. Good day! :)

    Darryl Iorio

  2. Thanks for stopping by! That's a good idea. I would have had no idea the leak was there without the plumber telling me.

  3. Leaky pipes are an eyesore! However, they're easy to fix and it's actually a DIY job. For me, I always track the fittings and couplings of the pipe because that's where leak normally starts.