Monday, October 29, 2012

Drapes & Dressers

I finally got around to making a few changes to the living room.

I've been wanting to move my Dorothy Draper Espana Bunching Chests (totally a knock-off but look exactly like the famous ones) from my bedroom to the living room and replace the Mid-Century Modern credenza (actually a bedroom dresser minus the mirror). The chests need to be refinished. They look OK in pictures but the black finish is pretty scratched and cloudy in places. I will probably tackle it this winter. If you remember when I painted a long ago blue dresser for the same spot I have to paint in my condo as I have no other location to spread out. It's definitely a challenge. In the mean time I plan to go over the scratches with a black sharpie so it doesn't drive me nuts for the next couple of months. I still need to style the top of the dressers and find a place for my owl umbrella holders with peacock feathers in it. The chests are much larger than the credenza that was there. The chests were totally a steal for $35 for THE PAIR with $25 delivery to my door. Gotta love Craig's List.

I also finally got around to hanging drapes. I think I've had these drapes for 18 months or so. I purchased them on eBay for about $100. They are a wonderful floral of turquoise, vivid green and royal blue on an ivory background. They are vintage and so pretty.

I have this fear of measuring incorrectly and putting unnecessary holes in my plaster walls. I also fear drilling into my 60 year old plaster walls and having chunks fall down upon me (although that has never happened to anyone in my building). I really like how they turned out. They really make the room feel complete. Now that they are hanging and not folded up in a closet I realize they have a bit of a musty smell. Hopefully that dissipates or I'll have to have them dry cleaned - which wouldn't be a bad thing because they are kind of wrinkled and I hate to iron. Besides they have a weird plastic like coating on the back. Not sure how that would work with ironing or even dry cleaning. I'm going to let them hang for a little while and see if the wrinkles fall out. And yes, they are hung a few inches above the floor. It might be dorky looking but I can't have them blocking the heat from the radiator as it is the only one in the room. Also my dog Sebastian lays right there and I don't want the bottom to get all dirty from his fur. Practical won out over good design.

In other news, I have new fuchsia pillows on the couch.

I'm still looking for some upholstery fabric for the chair on the other side of the room. I purchased a micro-stripe tweedy fabric from eBay a while ago in the same green as the other chair with bits of black, white and turquoise in it. It's draped over the cushions in the picture below. It's pretty fabric and would be a good neutral in the room. It's just kind of blah looking. I think I want a WOW fabric. Possibly in fuchsia! The hunt continues. (That blue lamp has since moved into the dining room on the bar cabinet with a white ginger jar lamp replacing it.)

I'm also thinking of replacing the tables in the room. All the tables and chairs are very leggy with all exposed spindle legs. The black dressers really help the look of the room since they go down to the floor. I've started looking for tables next to the chairs. Maybe something glass. But it needs to be small scale. I'm still thinking of a ceramic elephant stool next to the green chair and ottoman. There is currently a very cheap one for sale on Craig's List but is far away and I'm not sure I feel like driving into downtown Chicago to go get it. We'll see if its still for sale Saturday when I will be closer to where it is located.

I've also started looking at sofas. I've been saving to replace my IKEA Klippan sofa. It was purchased hurriedly (from Craig's List for $35) when my leather Room and Board couch wouldn't fit up the stairs when I moved in. I like its shape. I just wish it was longer and the cushions didn't sag as you sit. You kind of get the Homer Simpson butt divot effect. I think I want something with a chaise. I've got to measure to see how it will fit in the room. It's hard to find a sofa with a chaise that comes in pieces so it will fit up my stairs and looks modern. Everything I find is so over stuffed. I need an apartment sized sofa, small scale. Oh and it can't cost a fortune and needs to have good upholstery options. I'm actually considering this one from IKEA but worry that it will not last long and that the cushions will sag. I do like that the cover can be removed and washed and comes in pieces so it will for sure fit up my crazy narrow, short stairs. I'm also considering this one from Room and Board. It's definitely more of the Hollywood Regency look instead of the Mid-Century Modern look which is OK with me. I wouldn't have to worry about it lasting. And for $35 they will come out and measure to ensure that the sofa would fit up the stairs which would be money well spent since the sofa would be custom with the fabric option I want. However I do like to sit with my feet up. Decisions. Luckily it will probably be after Christmas before I purchase anything so I have time to think. I want to get the chair upholstered first since its kind of ugly in its current state.

As you have probably guessed I've dropped out of the 31 Days of blogging series. Blogging every day is hard work! I had the posts planned out and even managed to get several done ahead of time in September and have them scheduled and still didn't make it very far. Oh well.

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