Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Elephant Table - Need Your Help

I need your help. I found the above elephant wicker table for sale. It's not cheap at $99. I'm really drawn to it. I would put it in my living room and possibly paint it a sunny yellow. What do you think? Too cutesy?

Emily Henderson used one in her Lake House redo. Check out her post here. In her room I like it. I'm just not so sure about it in my mid century modern moving toward a Hollywood Regency or Chinoiserie look.

Here is another elephant table. This one isn't wicker.

Here they used two together and made a cocktail table.

Yesterday I missed out on purchasing a large brass elephant from Craigs List for $75 similar to the one below.

So I'm pretty sure I want a large elephant in the living room. The big brass elephant on the table that I missed out on would have been ideal.

I also want a yellow side table. The garden stool is about the perfect size and color. I also missed out on one of these on Craigs List this week for $35.

So what if I purchase the wicker elephant and spray him yellow? Is it the wicker that I'm having a hard time with - is it too casual? A yellow elephant? Both? Maybe I get a white ceramic elephant table and just use a yellow throw pillow? Get the yellow garden stool and bring in an elephant some other way?

Anyone else have terrible luck on Craigs List lately?

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