Monday, November 19, 2012


I had set up a little bar area in my dining room using a left over bedroom dresser. It looked pretty nice, fit the corner well. I just needed to accessories it (like maybe purchase some booze). I loved that it had tons of storage for my vintage set of dishes that I'm trying to sell. It was a great mid-century modern piece.

But as I've mentioned I'm trying to move away from the mid-century look to a more Hollywood Regency look. I thought an easy way to update the dining room is to replace the bar cart and the dining chairs (more on that later). I've been searching Craigs List for an oriental cabinet to put in the space. I just wasn't finding anything I liked that would fit. I wanted something special looking.

Then one day last week I came across this lucite bar cart and fell in love. It really lightens up the area of the dining room. I think it's so beautiful. I'm working on how to accessorize it and really make it shine.

I sold the mid-century piece and bought the lucite piece within a couple days of each other and made a $50 profit. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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  1. Ah, always feels good to make a profit! Love the lucite - always looks so light and airy!