Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dining Room Drapes

I've been so happy with the drapes that I finally got around to hanging in the living room, I made it a priority to get the dining room done also. Now I haven't had drapes in the 5 years that I've lived here. That might sound weird. But I'm on the 3rd floor surrounded by tall oak trees. In the summer you can't see in at all. In the winter you need to stand at some weird angles on the street to see in the windows and then you only see from the chest up. So I really wasn't worried about privacy and enjoyed the open, airy look.

The drapes in the living room just made the room feel finished in a way I wasn't able to achieve otherwise. So onward! Drapes for everybody!

I hung this pair of pretty raspberry, pinky/coral and chartreuse drapes that I purchased for $35 + shipping from Etsy. I love that the green is an exact match for the walls. I'm really pleased with the way they look. I hung the drapes in such a way that the window now looks centered on the wall. It really is 17" inches closer to the bar than to the other wall. It always drove me nuts that it wasn't centered. How did I do it? The drape by the bar cart is hiding about 17" of window. The other side is hung so that the edge of the drape is just even with the end of the window (covering 17" of wall space).  So to measure, I hung each bracket 17" inward from the corners of the walls, centering the curtain on the wall, not the window. Easy peasy.

I'm not sure I'm pleased with the way the drapes look with the abstract art on the wall. I'm back to that issue of wanting everything to match instead of just being happy with coordinate. What do you think? Does it look OK? Do I leave the abstract or remove it and go with a gallery wall of leaning black frames on picture ledges? I like the idea of having an easy way to display lots of pictures. I also like that I already own the abstract and don't have to spend any more money on decorating this wall. I'm not sure but I really need to decide before I screw the art to the wall to make it lay flat. It's warped. It's a PITA to fix holes in a plaster wall. Also this is the only possible location for the abstract in the condo.

Maybe I just have to paint the blue lamp a different color? Perhaps black? Or remove the lamp and do something with the art behind the bar cart as it is too high above the cart.  I never turn the lamp on. It's just there to add something tall to the space. Oh! Maybe I add the owl umbrella holder with peacock feathers on the bar cart? I currently have it in the corner of the dining room. You can see it peaking out of the corner above. It really does get lost in this location. I just put it there so it would have a spot in the house.

So to recap, should I:

Paint the lamp black
Replace the lamp with the owl umbrella holder with peacock feathers
Redo the art behind the lamp so it works with the now lower Lucite bar and remove the lamp and umbrella holder
Replace the abstract with a gallery wall of picture ledges and leaning pictures

I'm still looking for the perfect set of  Hollywood Regency chairs to replace my mid century modern ones. It'll be an easy/cheap way to add that Hollywood Regency style I'm trying to add to the condo.

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