Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My son came home from college for winter break in Saturday! I'm so glad to have him home. I miss him terribly when he is gone. It's been just the two of use since he was about 3 years old so we are really close.

Something happened over the summer and all of a sudden he wanted to go to thrift stores with me! We had so much fun. So on the way home from the airport we stopped in two different Salvation Army's. I found a small print for the bathroom and a milk glass vase. It seems I've been starting a collection of milk glass vases. Not consciously but all of a sudden I have 6 or so.  He didn't find anything to purchase. I don't think he ever has purchased anything but he does enjoy the hunt.

I did a lot of updating to the condo while he was gone. He gets a little frustrated with my constant changes so I tried to do as much as I could without him here. While he is home he will help me paint my bedroom, purchase a couple nightstands, do a ton of spraypainting (Wednesday is the day! It's supposed to be 58 degrees and only a slight wind. I have a list of items to paint.) and a couple more projects I've got up my sleeve. It'll be fun to see how much we get accomplished.

It is so nice to have him home! He is home thru the 1st of January.

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