Thursday, November 15, 2012

Murano Lamp Shade

I haven't been happy with the lampshade on my vintage Murano lamp. When I purchased the lamp for $20 it had a horrible pleated, over-sized, yellow and terribly dusty shade. I had the homeowner just throw it away. I didn't even want it in my car. I then purchased the shade you see below. I tried going to a lighting store for a shade but they didn't have anything big enough in stock. Special order would have been $175+ for a basic shade. Well that wouldn't do.

So I ordered the shade online ( I believe) for $55+ shipping. It was OK. Nothing special. The shape was OK but the fabric was a coarse weave and looked kind of cheap. So I've been thinking of getting a new shade for the past 1.5 years.. Emily Henderson mentioned a good custom shade source that wasn't too expensive (sorry I can't find it right now). Then I wasn't sure about shape and color. I'm not sure you can tell but the lamp is oval shaped and fairly thin. I could go white, black, fuchsia with the lampshade if I wanted. Decisions, decisions. I was pretty paralyzed on what to do next.

Then last week when I was making my weekly pilgrimage to a thrift store I found this wonderful silk pagoda shade for $6.99. I picked it up and then put it back down. I thought $6.99 was expensive for a used shade. There was a small water stain on one side. I carried it around the store not sure if it was worth the $6.99 to try it and see if it would fit. I thought the size was OK but wasn't sure. I must have spent 20 minutes deciding to spend $6.99 or not. Some times I'm so cheap I surprise myself. Anyway I decided it was worth trying to see if it would look OK and brought it home.

Yea! After wiping it down with a damp cloth, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the size is perfect. The pagoda shape really compliments the lamp and adds a nice design element for that corner. The water stain is facing the back and you would never know it was there. I'm very pleased with my $6.99 solution.

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