Friday, February 15, 2013

China Cabinet

I did a little update to the china cabinet. I put paper on the back of the shelves. I've been wanting to do this for a while. Inside the cabinet it is dark and all my pretty things were hard to see. I even went so far as to purchase wrapping paper (twice!) for it. I just never liked the way it looked when I did a test shelf. The paper was too thin and you could see all the wrinkles and where the tape was. Also for as crafty as I like to think of myself, I stink at measuring and cutting straight lines, so I've been dreading this project.

But the other day I found some paper in the Target dollar spot that was pretty. It's a neutral light brown background (paper bag colored) with a black design. The paper is narrow, only 18" so it was easier to handle. I decided to give it a go. I cheated a little. I tore the paper on the edge of the cabinet (no cutting) and folded the top/bottom and sides in to fit it to size. A little rolled up tape on the edges and voila! I think it took me 30 minutes for all 6 shelves. I wasn't sure how much paper I would need so I purchased 6 rolls of it but only used 1.5. So this is a $2 update!

 I swear that the wrinkle in the bottom right of the cabinet isn't noticeable without the camera flash. I tried and tried to straighten that piece out after I saw it in the pictures with no luck.You might also notice on the top right that the paper is shorter than the top left. It's noticeable if you stare at the cabinet but not in passing. Right now it doesn't bother me so it stays. I have enough paper left over to remeasure and try again if it does end up bothering me down the road. Today I'm just happy to have it done. Perfection is not necessary. One little thing off my to-do list!

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