Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dining Room

I haven't been happy with the newish pink drapes in the dining room. The plan was to paint the lamp a different color and replace the abstract art with a gallery wall of family photos so it would all work.  But I never did that. I really liked that abstract painting and it wouldn't fit anywhere else in the condo.

Sebastian always wants to be in the pictures!

I've scoured Etsy and eBay looking for a vintage pair of drapes with either blue or green flowers on a white background. I found this pair and got into a bidding war on eBay and way over paid for them. But I really liked the way they looked and they were the right size. When I got them they smelled of cigarette smoke. I mean really smelled. It was overwhelming. I washed them and hung them up and they still smelled. So I washed them a second time and used a vinegar rinse. Much better.

I think the blue drapes makes the abstract art make sense in the green room. And I like how the blues are repeated from the open living room curtains. The room is so hard to photograph. The green is really a pretty mix between an avocado and leaf green. It looks like a puke mustard in the pictures but it really isn't!

PS: I wrote this post a couple days ago. In the meantime I think I've made a decision to paint the green walls the same turquoise as the living room. I still love my color but I think I'm going to try to tone things down a little to make everything flow better and be a bit less chaotic. Although I don't know if going from leaf green walls to turquoise walls is really toning things down. But it will have a lot more continuity. 

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