Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kitchen Paint Colors

I've moved from my dining room where I've been stuck updating to my kitchen. Maybe this room will be easier.

The room is currently a milk chocolate color. I have 3 paints to chose from, a light gray, a dark gray and an aqua color. I first thought I'd paint the kitchen an aqua and keep my current green accents. My son dislikes that idea - strongly - and has pushed hard for gray.  He thinks I should keep it all neutrals with black and stainless appliances, dark cherry cabinets and a warm tan-ish floor. I removed all other colors from them room and lived with it for over a week. I wasn't a big fan. I really missed having color in there.

So I'm sticking to my original plan of aqua walls with green accents. I really like bright colors and am learning to embrace them without the space being chaotic. I think I finally have it worked out. But more on that another day. With the aqua paint swatch on the wall it really brightens up the space (even though in the pictures it looks move white than aqua). The room is small and dark so brighter is a good thing.

Yes, I spelled garbage incorrectly on my white board. Oops.

Here's the plan:
  • Paint the ceiling white (currently its the same chocolate as on the walls which doesn't help the room being dark)
  • Install a new, non-halogen light fixture (the kitchen gets so warm in the summer with the halogen lights on)
  • Update a yellowed electrical outlet and cover
  • Paint the walls and radiator aqua
  •  Bring back the green accents
  • Make a faux roman blind
  • Add a little zebra and pom-pom fringe (it looks great in my mind - I swear!)
  • Make some artwork for over the knives
  • Update the rug
  • Paint the dog and cat food containers so they blend in better
  • Organize all my recipes
  • Add a mirror to the back of the door (my primary entrance to the condo)
My budget is under $300. This is what I'll be working on for the next couple of weeks. I have Thursday - Monday off this week so I hope to make some progress! Nothing is difficult except for the painting. I'm not looking forward to taping and cutting in around the cabinets and counter top. I'm not the best painter in the world and have never used tape - just free handed everything. But since I absolutely don't want any paint on the cabinets I think tape will be my best friend. 


  1. I say most definitely go for that blue-green color. What's the name of that color, by the way? I ask because it looks just like the color I painted my living room/kitchen, and my cabinets are pretty much the same color as yours. The combination looks really nice together in my place. I only ever posted a sneak peek of my kitchen on the blog a few weeks back but should do a longer post so that you can see what that color looks like with that wood tone. I think you'll be disappointed if you go for the neutral colors, because I know you're trying to steer away from the mid-century stuff and are moving to more fun Hollywood Regency colors.

  2. Thanks for reading!

    The color is Seascape Green 156-4 by Pittsburgh Paint color matched to Behr. I'd love to see more of your kitchen! Your place has come together very nicely. I also really like the cherry cabinets with the aqua paint. I wish I had lighter counter tops but I have to work with what I have.