Thursday, May 9, 2013


I cannot believe that I'm sick again. I landed in the ER on Tuesday it was so bad. I'm home, off work and feeling nauseous, headachey, and cranky. I hate taking time off work. That whole no work = no money thing is a bummer. And I only work 3 afternoons a week so its not like work stresses me out or is difficult or anything. Plus I don't like to feel like I'm a flake and can't be counted on to show up when I'm supposed to. Agh! Grumpy.

I've made no progress with doing the finishing touches on my kitchen. Or taking pictures for you of the new paint and green accents I've added so far. I am pleased that I put everything back in the kitchen. It took a couple days to get the pantry back in place. I went through all my food, tossed a couple expired items and donated a bag of things I shouldn't be eating to the food pantry. Everything got wiped down and organized as I put it away.

I have a couple items to spray paint. Yea! warm enough weather for spray painting. However I've been sick during the dry weather and over the weekend its supposed to rain. So maybe it'll get done next weekend.

My son comes home from college in 4 weeks. I want to have the kitchen done.  I still have to clear out his room that I've been using as a dumping/storage room for the last 5 months he's been gone. And my bedroom is full of furniture to sell on Craigs List. I gotta get my hustle on.

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