Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stalking Craigs List

Here are some pretties that have popped up on my local Craigs List recently.

Brass Art Deco full size bed frame $150

Bamboo bedroom set $800

Bamboo chair $200

Set of 4 bamboo chairs $250

Painted bamboo desk $99

Asian light fixture $250

Brass chair $125. If I could fit this in my car I would purchase this in a heart beat.

Brass chandelier $125

Chinoiserie sofa & loveseat $1500

Green and white chairs

Shell back chairs. I can't remember the exact price but it was around $200. I keep debating purchasing these. They remind me of the grotto chairs below found on eBay

Hollywood Regency Grotto Shell Chairs on eBay. I forgot how much but it was in the thousands.
Vintage zebra lamps
Burled wood cabinet $450

Hand painted tray $20

Gold Mirror $59

Lucite and faux elephant tusk table $6000

Found anything good on Craigs List lately?


  1. So many goodies- I especially love that chandelier! Thanks for the tree advice today :)

  2. You are making me want to drive down there! Great finds!

  3. I just found your blog today! I was searching through "google images" for something & clicked on a photo from your blog. Anyway, I'm sitting here going through your older post when lo & behold… I purchased the "Asian chandler" for $200, last year & sold it a couple weeks later on eBay for $1675! You and I should collaborate one day and have a sale!!! All the best! Daena