Saturday, August 31, 2013

OMG - I so want this!!!

Craigslist you do not disappoint. I missed out on the Sarreid chest a little bit ago. So I am getting a gift,  a second chance. It's like the cheap furniture Gods shine down upon my head. Ladies this is a 1960's Sarreid coffee table designed by Charrak. It's 40" x 40" and 14" tall. It is currently for sale for only $125!!! And they might even deliver it for me (because there is no way that will fit in either my car or the little station wagon I can sometimes borrow). The kicker is I already really like my coffee table with the glass top. And this is kinda too big to switch out with it even if I decide to do so. Also I really don't even have the space to store it until I can flip it on eBay. But I WWWWAAAAAANNNNTTTTTT THIS so bad! I'm trying to be strong... be practical. I'm having all these conversations with myself. But seriously. This is just a bad ass coffee table. Imagine it all shined up and full of brassy goodness. I think I'm going to go for it and purchase it if they will deliver it. Its a little crazy to want something just because its pretty - with no place to put it. And its not like I'm going to magically be getting a family room added onto my condo any time soon where I could use this. What would you do? Pull out your wallet so fast its smoking or just keep walking?

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