Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sneeky Peeky

I am still in the midst of "The Great Purge  - Summer 2013". I had to go to work so was delayed some. I need to finish up my Son's room (where I store extra fabrics, pillows, and tools) today and get all the 2nd load of stuff donated on Saturday. That way Sunday I can give everything a deep clean. My Son is coming home Sunday evening and I want to have everything back to normal by then.

Anyway enough about that. This rug came in the mail yesterday! I should have pictures of it in its room next week. It's not finished yet (really when is anything of mine really finished) but its a pretty big change.


  1. Love the rug! That was me posting before but my son was signed into my iPad.
    Xo Nancy

  2. Nancy - I'm thrilled that you are reading my blog!! Thanks for stopping by.