Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Great Purge - Summer 2013 Continues

I'm not sure what has gotten into me. I bought a new china cabinet and decided to not put back everything from the old cabinet into the new cabinet. And that snowballed. I've gone through every cabinet, drawer and closet in my condo. Yes its a small condo, but still. My second donate pile is HUGE! And surprisingly when you now look into drawers and closets it doesn't feel like this much stuff is missing. How can that be?

Luckily my son came home from Boston (where he was teaching computer game design software to 13 year old kids at an enrichment camp for 7 weeks) and helped me load up the car. It was full to the brim. I drove it to the local Salvation Army. And I must say I was miffed. I pull up to the donation door and there are 5 guys sitting outside doing nothing. None of them got up to help unload my car. They just pointed to a truck and bin and said to put my stuff in it. Now there is no way I'm climbing with my castoffs into a semi-truck. I just put them everything down by the side of the driveway and let them deal with it. They were grumbling about it but then again so was I. Then they made a big deal about me wanting a tax receipt. What?! I've never had that experience at any charity shop, ever.

I still have my downstairs storage locker to go through. I know I have some supplies from when I did upholstery work that I kept (like 75 yards of the black dust cover fabric you use on the bottom of furniture.) Really? What was I thinking. It will take me decades to use that for just personal use. Sometimes I can be a little crazy thrifty.

Also, I hoard boxes. You never know when you need to ship something and boxes can be expensive. Ask me the last time I needed a box to ship something. Go ahead ask. I'll tell you. 4 years ago I shipped a "birthday party in a box" to my son for his birthday while he was in college in Savannah Georgia. Otherwise if I have to ship something I use the flat rate boxes from the post office or once I had a delicate item packed at a UPS store with packing peanuts and insurance. No need for 2 dozen boxes here.

And did you catch the part where I bought a new china cabinet? Details to come.

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