Friday, August 2, 2013

Where have I been?

Gosh its been forever since I posted. Things have been busy around here. My son was home from college for 3 weeks before jetting off today to Boston for a teaching job this summer. He's working at a camp teaching computer gaming software for 13 year olds. He'll be back in a few weeks and I'll have him home for a month before he's back in school in Savannah. It's hard to believe that my baby will be a Senior in college this coming fall. Boo hoo. This is probably the last summer he will be home, assuming he gets a full time job next summer after graduation in his hoped for company in Seattle.

I've been having car trouble. My little Saturn is 13 years old and has 103,000 miles. I've been in the repair shop once a month for the last couple months now. The last time I had to have it towed in. It's to the point where I'm nervous about driving it even though the repair guys say its fine and in safe condition. I know it's just time until something else goes wrong with it. I'm dreading buying a new car and having a car payment again.

But a part of me is excited about the prospect of getting a vehicle with a hatch back and large (ish) trunk area. That will open up my furniture buying abilities quite a bit. I'm having fun reselling things on eBay. Of course my "to sell" pile is still too large. It's more fun buying than selling. I'm at the point where I can't purchase anything new until I reduce my inventory some. I probably have 8 big things and a dozen and half small things to sell. I'm always buying new things on Craigslist or at an estate sale, rearranging, and selling my old stuff. Making a profit is a happy bonus!

My job as an Elder Companion came to an end. The 95 year old lady I worked with is having health problems and is required more care than I can provide. I don't do any nursing or CNA type of activities. I've got baby sitting lined up for the summer and have been interviewing for a new nanny job come fall. Hopefully that will all work out with out too much down time between jobs. This is such a different feeling than my past life as an Information Technology Executive at a national bank. It's so nice not working 70 hour work weeks any more. Semi-retirement is nice and a lot less stressful!

So that's what has been going on around here. I have some new finds and updates around the house to share to share in the coming weeks. And pictures. Yeah, the post would be more interesting with pictures. But then I probably wouldn't post. So. Pictures in the future!

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  1. Nice to get to know you and all you're up to. I love purging and since mine seems to go in cycles my junk level is back up so you're inspiring me. My 24 yr. old son just moved out so I have his room to turn into a guest room, but he still tells me not to grow any of his stuff away but he can't take it all with him this move. Oh boy.
    Good luck with the job hunt!
    Xo Nancy