Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Asian Fruit

I've been going to a new produce market for my weekly grocery shopping. Since I'm doing Weight Watchers (I've lost 25 lbs!) I'm eating tons of fresh fruit to fulfill my sweet cravings. I've been also eating fresh veggies. Although frozen veggies with cheese sauce is much more palatable. Anyway I've been trying new fruit. This week it was lychee fruit. It has a sturdy peel with a sweet, juicy fruit with a pit in the center. It's pretty good!

I had to Google how to eat it. While doing so I found a fun Asian fruit identification quiz for you. Give it a try. I missed one, but only because I watch Chopped on TV like the crazed fan that I am. They've had most of the fruit on various episodes. Have you tried anything new to eat lately?

Asian Fruit Identification Quiz

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