Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dining Room Chairs

I'm so excited. I purchased a new car on Saturday. I've been driving my 2001 Saturn since the summer of 2000. It only had 105,000 miles but was starting to have maintenance and reliability issues. It was time.

I'm thrilled with the car (not so thrilled with having a car payment again). It's a 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback. Yippie! A Hatchback!! I can now more easily buy/sell furniture. I put it to the test on Sunday when I purchased six large dining chairs.

5 fit into the car. I was very pleased with all the cargo room.

These have tall backs and wide seats. Very comfortable. They need some work. They are filthy and the finish requires some scratch cover. Obviously the upholstery needs to be replaced. I love the scale and the design on the back. I brought one chair upstairs from the basement so I could see how it looked in the dining room and they really make a statement - which is what I wanted. I can't wait to have the time to bring these beauties back to life. I've already got the fabric for the upholstery, Tommy Bahama Home Ebb & Flow Peninsula from Fabric.com

I love how it has all the blues and greens in my house in one fabric. I am a little concerned that its too busy with the detailed back of the chairs. Of course I bought the fabric prior to purchasing the chairs (why do I do that?) so it is what it is.  So even though I hadn't really planned on working on my dining room this year, in the last few months I purchased a new china cabinet, new rug, new decor for the bar cart, new drapes and have picked out a new light fixture. The only "old" thing left is the table (which I love and will be keeping), the wall color (which I want to repaint - maybe white) and the art work (which needs help). Maybe in the next couple weeks I can show off the completed chairs in their new room.

How was your weekend? Buy anything new?

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