Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Living Room Lamps

So you've heard me talk about wanting pink in my home, or trying to introduce some fuchsia a while ago. It never really worked because most of my things were blue, turquoise and green. It just never went together. Well after my health scare I decided life was too short to not do what I want. So I totally changed up my condo. This is the first time ever I'm decorating with only what I want. I've not kept old things because they were in good shape or family antiques or I can't afford to buy new, and decorated around them. Everything was up for grabs and I kept only what I really wanted. Everything else has been sold or moved to the basement awaiting sale.

This pair of  beautiful Murano glass lamps was the jumping off point for the new decor. I bought the pair for $150 on Craigslist. They weren't listed as Murano but I had done my research prior to going to pick them up. Murano lamps are pretty distinctive so I was 98% sure before I went to get them. I kind of felt bad for the lady since I was getting such a good deal. But she was downsizing and happy to have them gone. Even then $150 is usually more than I spend for things.

I intended to purchase and resell them, never thinking to make a drastic decorating change when I bought them. But they sat around my condo waiting for me to resell them. Life happened. And then I thought that I must keep such beautiful lamps. Dare I make the changes necessary to incorporate them? I was both nervous and excited at the prospect of redecorating both color and style-wise!

The picture really doesn't do them justice. They are nice and tall. There are little bubbles of silver in the glass. The way the light plays off the layers in the glass is stunning. So pretty! The shades mimic the ribbed effect the middle glass orb has. They are the prettiest lamps I've ever seen. Totally worth redecorating the living room around them!

More changes to come!

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