Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ORC Update - Windowsill and Light Fixture

I'm just checking in with an update on my outstanding One Room Challenge tasks. I want to get the room DONE with no lingering to do tasks, even if they weren't part of my initial One Room Challenge scope of work. This will be the ONLY room in my condo completely done. I'm very excited by that prospect!

If you remember in week 4 I discovered water damage to my windowsill but couldn't get the handyman out to fix it prior to reveal day. As a reminder here is what it looked like once we scraped up the spackle hiding this mess. It was in both corners of the little bay window.

I had the handyman (Pepe) out yesterday and he was able to fix the damage.  Apparently the wood isn't rotten but there is water damage to the many layers of paint in that area. He nailed in the one loose board and applied Bondo and smoothed out all the bumps. Boy is that stuff stinky! With quite of bit of sanding it's now ready for primer and paint. I'll take care of that when I'm off of work for Thanksgiving next week. Luckily there was no other issues in the window area!

Pepe also installed my pretty light fixture. He ran into trouble as the do-hicky that you screw to the ceiling that the light then hangs from was too small for the hole in the ceiling. The joys of old house living. A trip to the hardware store and it was fixed. It was a bit of a pain for him to install all the crystals. Look how nice the light looks! Sparkly!!

The light is this one from Overstock for $165. I like it so much I will probably put it in my bedroom when I redo that room (maybe for the Spring One Room Challenge in April!)

ORC Outstanding Items (did you notice that my list is growing longer not shorter?! Sigh.)

Fix window sill
Wash windows
Caulk around window
Prime / paint window sill
Paint closet doors
Install light fixture
Hem curtains
Sew ball fringe on curtains
Finish pink globe DIY
Purchase / hang mirror between desk and window
Add Wink clock above mirror
Sand / paint radiator covers

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